Smart Classrooms

VGS classrooms are equipped with new age digital education solutions empowering students to step in with the latest technology and have access to quality study support anytime, anywhere. We aim to bring the best of global technology to provide an engaging child-centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom.

Co-curricular Activities

Music is a language and children are oriented towards learning language. Music evokes movement and children delight in and require movement. Our budding musicians have a choice to learn vocal/instrumental music. School choirs in Indian and Western music, young soloists are groomed to perform for the numerous themed assemblies and intra and inter-school cultural events. Similarly, pupils are exposed to rhythmic expressions through the medium of Indian, Western, Contemporary dance forms. The rich tapestry of performing arts are form the warp and weft of school curriculum and include the following:

Performing Arts
  • Indian and Western dance forms
  • Indian and Western Vocal Music/ Choir
  • Instrumental/ Rhythmic based- Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Drums and other small percussion instruments
Fine Arts and Craft
  • Origami, Clay Modelling, Paper folding, Sculpture
  • Drawing and Painting Creative Writing & Reportage

The quarterly Newsletter "Origins" the platform showcasing students’ literary as well as artistic publications. Student editors under staff guidance are groomed to bring out school publications.