Message from Directors

Message from Director


Welcome to VGS Bardoli ! “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”– Martin Luther King Jr. Undoubtedly, life is the apex system of learning, providing enormous scope for enriched experiences of learning. Its only limitation is the unpredicted time of learning a particular aspect. The schools so developed are to provide opportunities for desired learning at a desirable juncture and age of a child. Vasishtha Genesis School is harnessing this need of the society in general and of children in specific since past three years and it’s a matter of deep satisfaction that VGS is able to achieve the same. Yes, the conscious attempts to develop students are reaping results in the form of desirable changes developed in students and we assure that the quest for excellence comprehensively will be quenched continuously for all eyeing the same.

Indeed our children have unexploited abilities in themselves and we will makes sure they get best of the environment to unearth these potentials so that they be the body of ethos, values, patience, persistence, courage, confidence and overall a selfless humans to command whatever they look from their dynamic life .

Our children deserve the best and providing them is impossible without the support of parents. We look forward the continuous cooperation and coordination of the parents. Positive attempts at their end will not only boost and motivate their children but will also grease the school system in gearing its flawless efforts to groom the students.

We look ahead progressively in the academic session going on and to come ahead.